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Improving Behavioral Health Outcomes with a Focus on Decreasing Opioid Misuse Change Package
This TMF Quality Innovation Network change package provides a menu of options from which you can select specific interventions to develop an action plan that improves opioid-related outcomes and increases access to behavioral health services.
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Paquete para facilitar el cambio: Mejoremos los resultados de salud del comportamiento, enfocándonos en la reducción del uso inapropiado de opioides
TMF Quality Innovation Network, en virtud del contrato con CMS, preparó este paquete para facilitar el cambio y proporcionar a las comunidades estrategias para combatir el abuso, el uso inapropiado y las sobredosis de opioides y aumentar el acceso a los servicios de salud del comportamiento.
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Evidence-Informed Pain Management: Principles of Pain Care from the AMA Pain Care Task Force
Pain continues to be the one of the most common reasons many patients seek medical care in the United States, writes the American Medical Association (AMA), The AMA Pain Care Task Force, formed in 2018, explores safe and effective ways to care for patients with undertreated, mistreated pain and chronic pain. This document explains the AMA's principles of pain care.
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Treating Opioid Use Disorder as a Chronic Condition: A Practice Manual for Family Physicians
Opioid use disorder (OUD) is a chronic, relapsing condition, according to the AAFP. This AAFP practice manual proposes that OUD treatment is within the family physician’s scope of practice and guides primary care providers in incorporating opioid screening and brief interventions, as well as evidence-based treatment.
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Operation Naloxone Expansion (2019)
Operation Naloxone, funded by a SAMHSA grant program, is intended, in part, to prepare, locate and implement trainings across Texas in opioid awareness, overdose prevention and naloxone use. Naloxone counters the effects of opioid overdoses by allowing overdose victims to resume normal breathing.
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Prescrption Drug Monitoring Programs
This document has links to the Prescription Drug Montoring Programs in Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and Texas.
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National Naloxone Map
The National Naloxone Map, maintained by New America, to see where naloxone is available in your state. (If the interactive map doesn’t appear when you click on the link, try copying and opening the link in a different browser.)
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Opioid Use Disorder Intervention List
Download this two-page handout the TMF Quality Innovation Network developed to ensure providers offer effective pain management and care of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD).
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Opioid Treatment Program Directory
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) maintains this directory, which lists programs available in the United States. Access your state from the drop-down menu.
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Calculating Total Daily Dose of Opioids for Safer Dosage
This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fact sheet provides clinical guidance on dosage of opioids for treatment of chronic pain.
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Adverse Drug Event Tracer: Opioids
Hospitals and other health care facilities can download this tool from TMF Health Quality Institute to help them assess their readiness to prevent or react to an adverse drug event.
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Pain Management and Opioids CME
Fulfill state-mandated requirements while learning best practices for managing patients' pain through the free New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Knowledge+ Pain Management and Opioids CME module. The module is offered in partnership with Boston University School of Medicine's Safer/Competent Opioid Prescribing Education (SCOPE of Pain) program.
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Pain Assessment and Documentation Tool (PADT)
Download this tool from the Center to Advance Palliative Care. Some sections of the form should be filled out by the practice’s clinician; other sections should be filled out by the physician.
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Opioid Risk Tool
A brief, self-report screening tool designed for use with adult patients in primary care settings to assess risk for opioid abuse among those prescribed opioids for treatment of chronic pain.
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Medication Reconciliation: Tips for Conducting a Patient Medication Interview
Medication reconciliation is a complex process that impacts all patients as they move through various health care settings. This toolkit item provides tips for conducting a patient medication interview.
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Using Person-Centered Language to Improve Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Through its Shine a Light on Stigma campaign, Superior Health--a Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization--is encouraging individuals and organizations to pledge their commitment to using non-stigmatizing, person-centered language when interacting with people with substance use disorder.
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Clinical Decision Support Flowchart for Prescribing Opioids
This resource offers general recommendations for treating chronic pain. Included are guidelines and tools for determining when to prescribe opioids. From the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the University of Michigan's Injury Prevention Center.
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Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator
Use this U.S. map to locate physicians authorized to treat opioid dependency with buprenorphine. Language assistance available for Spanish and multiple languages.
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Pain Zone Tool
Give this resource to patients with high pain levels to help them learn when to call the doctor or visit an emergency room.
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