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Under contracts with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, TMF Health Quality Institute is convening an online Learning and Action Network comprised of health care providers, nursing homes, patients and their caregivers in an effort to collaborate and identify solutions to improve health care outcomes, lower costs, reduce provider burden and increase transparency. Per our contracts, our consultants work with health care providers and organizations in Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, the Northern Mariana Islands, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

TMF consultants work with health care providers in all settings of care to navigate the rules and requirements of various federal quality improvement programs. Our consultants

  • Provide free, direct technical assistance to health care providers in specific areas of health care quality improvement
  • Help health care providers and organizations efficiently use health information technology to better connect and communicate with patients and staff
  • Assist health care providers and organizations to form and engage community coalitions to facilitate change in their communities
  • Support a diverse array of organizations and populations, including rural providers, vulnerable beneficiaries, clinical practices, hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis facilities and more

When you sign up to participate in our networks, you are matched with a quality improvement consultant to receive free technical assistance.

For more than 50 years, TMF has helped health care providers and practitioners in a variety of settings improve care for their patients. Please visit https://www.tmf.org for information on TMF’s additional projects and contracts.

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