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7 Steps to Manage Stress and Build Resilience
This article from the National Institutes of Health discusses contributing factors, individual responses and tips to manage stress.
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ASPR TRACIE: Tips for Retaining and Caring for Staff After a Disaster
This resource from ASPR-TRACIE shares post-pandemic practices for retaining and supporting staff, characterized by intermediate and short-term needs.
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Certified Medical Director (CMD) Training Series: Topic 4 – Influencing Employee Behavior
By the end of this module, medical directors will know how to positively influence staff behavior in a nursing home setting. Learners gain knowledge about how to coach, support and influence staff so they can increase job retention and satisfaction and improve quality of care.
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Compassion Fatigue vs. Burnout
This article by Barbara Rubel at Griefwork Center Inc. discusses the differences between compassion fatigue and burnout. This article also list ways employers can recognize and understand both, and provides a case study on assessing and intervening with burnout issues.
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How to Boost Nursing Home Staff Morale
This tool shows how to measure and improve staff morale with proven strategies and ideas to celebrate and motivate your staff.
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Leadership, Management and Safe Operations
This Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality website provides nursing home administrators specific resources to address leadership, management and safe operations. Emotional wellness and coping skills for residents and staff, quality improvement strategies for after the COVID-19 pandemic, and training on safe operations are examples of the available resources.
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Leading Age Pandemic Playbook
This Leading Age Pandemic Playbook is a collection of lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose is to help providers prepare for and mitigate the impact of a future health crises or pandemic. Check back regularly as this is a living resource.
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Licensed Vocational Nurse Training - Time Management Module
Use this training provided by the Texas Health and Human Services to help teach your nursing staff about time management. This document includes areas such as tips to help plan your day, barriers to successful time management, prioritization of duties, delegation, critical thinking and optimizing communication with a shift change.
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LTC Connect: Staff Culture, Stability and Retention
This July 20, 2023, recording discusses promoting a stable work culture and staff retention. TMF Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization specialists explore strategies to increase and sustain retention with a resilient work environment and how to create a space for staff collaboration.
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LTC Connect: Surviving the Holiday Season: Empowering Family Members in Resident Care Improvement
This Nov. 9 webinar recording explores holiday stressors that can affect your teams, residents and families. Featured speakers Jonas Schaffer, owner/operator of Greenhurst Nursing Center in Arkansas, and Daphne Brown, director of nursing at Ozark Health in Arkansas, discuss how to combat holiday stress and improve overall care. One strategy they share is how to consider grievances as “gifts” and turn them into something wonderful.
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LTC Connect: Surviving the Winter Blues
This Dec. 14, 2023, webinar recording discusses how to notice changes in mood or energy levels in yourself or your residents during the winter. Shorter days and less daylight may trigger a chemical change in the brain, leading to symptoms of depression. This session takes a close look at seasonal affective disorder and how to prepare now to alleviate the symptoms.
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LTC Connect: The Cost of Caring: Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Burnout and Building Resilience
This April 21, 2022, webinar recording features Wendy Bradley, LPC-MHSP, discussing organizational and personal consequences of compassion fatigue and burnout when symptoms go unresolved, and how building resilience can combat these negative effects.
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Managing Fatigue During Times of Crisis: Guidance for Nurses, Managers and Other Healthcare Workers
View these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to learn about practical fatigue management tips for health care leadership and health care workers.
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Nursing Home Connect – Reflect, Reclaim, Recharge: From Collective Trauma to Post-Pandemic Growth
During this Nursing Home Connect webinar recording from Jan. 25, 2024, Susan Wehry, MD, director of AgingME, discusses the physical and mental challenges faced by health care staff since the COVID-19 pandemic. As a nationally recognized geriatric psychiatrist, Dr. Wehry provides lessons and strategies on overcoming those lasting effects.
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Nursing Home Connect: How to Lead Effective Educational Sessions
Leading an effective educational session is crucial for enhancing the skills and knowledge of the health care personnel and staff in your nursing home. Listen to this Feb. 8, 2024, TMF Quality Innovation Network webinar recording to learn how to create and lead engaging and beneficial educational sessions for your nursing home staff.
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Nursing Home Office Hours — Optimizing Staff Health
In this Oct. 24, 2023, recording, TMF QIN-QIO specialists discuss how nursing home staff can cope with their physical and emotional conditions despite COVID-19 fatigue.
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Tips on Supporting Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Health care leaders at nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies and other care settings are encouraged to download this handout to learn more about how to identify burnout and secondary traumatic stress in your staff, implement strategies to provide support for staff, and how to form teams to support each other.
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Top Tips From Nurses on Dealing with Burnout
This article from Nurse Journal offers tips on recognizing, preventing and recovering from burnout that nurses experience.
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How to Boost Nursing Home Staff Morale — Spanish for Puerto Rico
This tool in Spanish for Puerto Rico shows how to measure and improve staff morale with proven strategies and ideas to celebrate and motivate your staff.
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How to Boost Nursing Home Staff Morale — U.S. Spanish
This U.S. Spanish tool shows how to measure and improve staff morale with proven strategies and ideas to celebrate and motivate your staff.
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