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Activity Checklist: Helping Residents with Dementia Improve Nighttime Sleep
Nursing home activity directors can use this document to review steps that could help residents with dementia improve nighttime sleep.
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Activity Director Resources: Developing Activity Plans for Nursing Home Residents
Nursing home activity directors can use this document to help create activities to engage nursing home residents.
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ADLs Prognosis
This document demonstrates the MDS items that create the quality measure for the three ADL quality measures as well as when prognosis less than six months/hospice excludes the resident from the quality measure.
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'Be With Me Today' Alzheimer's Video
This video features Richard Taylor, PhD, who describes the everyday challenges of living with Alzheimer's. Dr. Taylor was diagnosed with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer's type, when he was 58. Note: TMF Health Quality Institute does not endorse or recommend any products advertised with this video.
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Improvement in Function (Short Stay) QI Worksheet
Use this spreadsheet to proactively identify any demonstrated improvements in resident function (short stay) during their observation period and at discharge to focus quality improvement (QI) efforts.
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LTC Connect: Fall Reduction and ADLs – Helping to Prevent ED Visits
This Aug. 17, 2023, recording explores how assessing fall risks and improving activities of daily living (ADL) performance can prevent emergency department (ED) visits and hospital readmissions. TMF Quality Innovation Network–Quality Improvement Organization specialists discuss appropriate interventions along with creative strategies that nursing homes can apply right away.
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Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Training
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services offers a training course and videos for coding and educating on ADLs for section GG. Scroll down to the Section GG Training Materials area to learn more.
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