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Improving patient safety has always been the top priority for hospitals and is fundamental to delivering quality health services. Hospitals should assess their processes, identify optimization opportunities, and implement evidence-based practices to create a culture of safety. Please note: on some web browsers, document links may automatically download to your computer rather than open up on your screen.

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Early Recognition and Management of Sepsis for Post-acute Settings Toolkit
This toolkit was designed by Superior Health Quality Alliance to assist health care organizations in implementing an early recognition and management of sepsis program in the post-acute setting.
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UAMS Inpatient Sepsis Pathway
This flow chart lays out a clinical pathway for evaluating sepsis in hospital inpatients.
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How to Get Your Flu Shot
A new sepsis and flu infographic created by the Sepsis Alliance to encourage the flu immunization.
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Sepsis Worksheet (HQIC)
This "Sepsis Champion Program" tool can help hospitals in their quality improvement efforts to optimize sepsis management and emphasize the importance of early recognition and timely treatment.
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Sepsis Tracer Tool
Hospitals can use this tool to survey and evaluate their processes for reducing sepsis, with the goal of providing safe, high-quality patient care.
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Sepsis Process Improvement Discovery Tool
This discovery tool helps hospitals provide safer patient care by identifying process improvement opportunities for reducing cases of sepsis.
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Sepsis Mortality Reduction Top Ten Checklist
A checklist for hospitals to review current interventions, or initiate new ones, to reduce sepsis mortality in your facility.
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Post-op Sepsis Process Improvement Discovery Tool
The Process Improvement Discovery Tool can help hospitals provide safer patient care by identifying improvement opportunities for post-op sepsis prevention.
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