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Nursing Home Office Hours: Fuel Versus Friction
This Feb. 22, 2022, webinar recording reviews methods to decrease friction and increase “fuel” to promote healthy behaviors in nursing homes in times of change.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: Staffing Challenges and Solutions During COVID-19
This March 1, 2022, webinar recording explores common staffing challenges and innovative solutions developed by nursing home facilities during the pandemic.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: The 3 T's of COVID-19
Listen to this webinar recording from Jan. 25, 2022, as Russell Kohl, MD, TMF's chief medical officer, provides a quick overview of best practices for COVID-19 testing, treatment (including vaccines and boosters) and return-to-work protocols for nursing homes.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: Engaging Residents and Caregivers in Promoting Vaccines and Boosters
Listen to this webinar recording from Feb. 1, 2022, to learn practical, skills-based methods you and your team can apply to explore vaccine resistance and address residents’ and caregivers’ questions and concerns. Clifford Moy, MD, TMF's behavioral health medical director, and Wendy Bradley, LPC-MHSP, CPHQ, TMF's director of behavioral health integration, are the featured presenters.
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Nursing Home Office: Hours Health Literacy and Vaccine Hesitancy
This March 8, 2022, webinar recording focuses on the impact of health literacy in vaccine hesitancy. Strategies are shared to tailor communications for different populations and individual factors such as attitudes, culture, education and stress levels.
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How-To Video: Using TMF Networks Nursing Home Site
This brief video shows how to access valuable tools and resources for nursing home staff on TMF Networks.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: High-Stakes Conversations
This Feb. 8, 2022, webinar recording is based on the “Crucial Conversations” method, and provides tools for how to have a safe conversation about vaccinations and boosters when the stakes are high. Because there are differing opinions, it can be emotionally charged. Wendy Bradley, LPC-MHSP, CPHQ, TMF's director of behavioral health integration, and Clifford Moy, MD, TMF's behavioral health medical director, are the featured presenters.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: Vaccine Safety and Efficacy – Responding to Misinformation
This April 5, 2022, webinar recording presents the latest guidelines and common misinformation, with a pharmacist providing insight into how to respond to common misinformation. We also review the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines through the different variants.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: COVID-19 Impacts on Nursing Home Measures – Hospital Admissions and Readmissions
This April 12, 2022, webinar recording reveals how COVID-19 has impacted the hospital admission and readmission rates for nursing homes. We also discuss resident transitions to and from the hospital, and the importance of improving communication to assure safe transitions.
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May 31: Nursing Home Office Hours – Continuity in Operations During Staff Turnover
Register for this office hours for nursing homes on Tuesday, May 31, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. CT. TMF specialists will review the important factors in maintaining continuity of facility operations when key staff members leave. We will cover preparing for continued NHSN reporting, infection preventionist activity, as well as policy and procedure maintenance. An open Q&A will follow the presentation.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: How to Develop a Vaccine Clinic and Community Partnerships
This April 26, 2022, webinar recording provides tools and strategies to develop your own vaccine clinic and the role community partnerships may play in this endeavor.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: The Science Behind Vaccines, Antibodies and Herd Immunity
This March 22, 2022, webinar recording takes a deep dive into common areas of misunderstanding, such as vaccine development, antibody protection, and how herd immunity works. Additionally, tactics are shared for how concepts can be communicated effectively.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: Understanding Religious and Medical Exemptions for Vaccinations
This March 29, 2022, webinar recording discusses the guidelines for medical and religious exemptions reporting in the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), and the impact these exemptions have on vaccine measures for facilities.
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June 7: Nursing Home Office Hours – Is It Allergies, Cold, Flu or COVID-19?
Register for this office hours for nursing homes on Tuesday, June 7, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. CT. TMF’s Infection Preventionist Samuel Elenwo, BS, MPH, CIC, will look at the distinction between the common cold, flu, allergies and COVID-19. He will review the causes, mode of transmission, treatment, prevention and best practices to break the chain of infection. The presentation will be followed by an open Q&A session.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: Leadership Rounding and the Impact on Organizational Culture
Organizational culture has a major impact on staff satisfaction, retention and COVID-19 vaccination rates. In this May 24, 2022, webinar recording TMF reviews the impact leadership rounding can have on building a positive culture.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: Strategies to Deal with Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
The burden of COVID-19, including vaccination mandates and changes, has affected all staff. This May 3, 2022, webinar recording continues our discussion from the LTC Connect on April 21, and talks about strategies that nursing facilities may use to deal with burnout and compassion fatigue.
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Nursing Home Office Hours: Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Staff
This May 10, 2022, webinar recording discusses strategies for successful recruitment, hiring and retention of staff for long-term care facilities during COVID-19. In addition to TMF specialists, nursing facility leaders also share specific suggestions.
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