While many of these COVID-19 Success Stories pertain to the previously administered bivalent vaccine, the strategies and ideas to support and motivate up-to-date vaccinations still apply.

How to Increase COVID-19 Vaccination Rates in a Nursing Home

Like all nursing homes, Sharpview Residence and Rehabilitation Center in Houston wanted to increase its resident and employee COVID-19 bivalent vaccination rates. By implementing weekly COVID-19 clinics, providing easy-to-understand education and utilizing the TMF Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization’s (QIN-QIO) technical assistance, Sharpview improved their vaccination rates within two months.

“We began implementation on Jan. 19, 2023,” said administrator Jessica Brown. “Every Thursday, our assistant director of nursing [ADON], Karen Vernon, provides bivalent mini-clinics to bring our staff and residents up to date. She educates so that each person understands the benefits of being vaccinated. Mini-clinics allow more opportunities for staff to receive their vaccine.”

Vernon engaged Sharpview staff, residents and families to improve quality, and she used TMF QIN-QIO education materials, weekly Office Hours and signage, such as seasonal flyers and Badge Buddies and Vaccine Champions.

“We are grateful for TMF’s assistance. The numbers of people who received the COVID-19 booster clearly increased due to our partnership with TMF,” Brown said. “We absolutely could not have had this level of success in a short amount of time without the partnership of TMF. Our ADON really championed this project. She utilized TMF education materials and passed them on to our team in a way that they were truly able to understand the value in being vaccinated. We are continuing this intervention with great success.”

According to Brown, this experience has been incredibly informative. “We learned that education and consistency are key components of vaccination. Most people are receptive once they understand the benefits of being vaccinated,” she said. By utilizing TMF QIN-QIO resources, Sharpview remains committed to offering mini-clinics, while ensuring accessibility to all staff members on various shifts.

For further information on how a TMF QIN-QIO specialist can assist your nursing facility, please email QIInetwork@tmf.org.