Quality Measures Video Series and Resources

View this video series, and access the resources below, to learn more about the quality measures, their specifications for nursing homes and how to interpret the reports to enhance the quality improvement process at your facility. We encourage you to have a copy of your facility’s quality measure reports in front of you as you view each video. NOTE: Since we have started recording these videos, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) has changed the five-star rating system and added the Quality Reporting System (QRP). We encourage you to review these manuals for the calculation of the five-star rating and the QRP Manual for those measure details. We have included a CMS video on the QRP measures for your use. You will find links to these resources below.

Quality Measures Resources

View the following resources in the download section of the CMS web page. Always look for the document’s most recent date to download. The TMF Quality Measures Video Series is presented in collaboration with Texas Health and Human Services.