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A talented, engaged workforce is a hospital’s most important resource. In order to maintain access to quality care, health systems must navigate workforce challenges and opportunities, including professional shortages, staff burnout, workplace violence and diversity. Please note: on some web browsers, document links may automatically download to your computer rather than open up on your screen.

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Seven Types of Rest: Strategies for Managing Toxic Stress and Burnout
This fact sheet from the Overdose Prevention Network outlines seven different types of rest, so people can identify areas of their lives where they need to focus on rest and prioritize self-care accordingly.
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Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on the Healing Effects of Social Connection and Community
This advisory from the Surgeon General call attention to the role connection plays in individual, community and societal health, and offers a framework for how we can all contribute to improving social connection.
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Strengthening the Health Care Workforce: Strategies for Now, Near and Far
Developed by the American Hospital Association, this guide provides resources and strategies to help hospitals navigate today's workforce challenges and opportunities.
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