Injury from Falls

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Each year, millions of people 65 and older fall, and more than 80,000 are hospitalized because of a fall-related injury. The medical costs for falls can reach billions of dollars, with Medicare and Medicaid paying 75% of those costs.

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Falls Tracer Tool
Hospitals can use this Tracer Tool to survey and evaluate their processes for preventing falls, with the goal of providing safe, high-quality patient care.
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John Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment Tool
This fall assessment tool is a reliable and highly effective risk stratification resource when combined with a comprehensive protocol, and fall-prevention products and technologies.
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Reducing Risk of Falls for People with Dementia
People with dementia are four to five times more likely to fall than older people who do not have cognitive impairment. This guide shares strategies for improving safety and preventing falls for those with dementia.
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Preventing Falls in Hospitals: STRATIFY Risk Assessment Tool
This tool from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality can help identify risk factors for falls in hospitalized patients.
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Injury from Falls Top Ten Checklist
A checklist for hospitals to review fall prevention measures in your facility.
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Injury from Falls Process Improvement Discovery Tool
The Process Improvement Discovery Tool helps hospitals provide safer patient care by identifying process improvement opportunities to reduce injury from falls.
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